Sunday, 28 February 2016


is a nickname we give to Malaysian Night, an annual event that most Malaysian societies in UK universities host to showcase and promote Malaysian culture through acting, singing, dancing, etc. All good fun, basically. Last year I went to 4 MNights,

Cardiff University's,



and my own uni's,

and they were all very, very entertaining! I was blown away by the collective talent of Malaysian students to produce such high quality shows! I know some societies started practising monthssss prior to the event, and to juggle practices and studies? Mad respect. I enjoyed every single one of the MNights that I went to, but if I have to pick just one favourite, I have to say it's Imperial's MNight. It was singular, funny, and it even moved me to tears. I also just found out that their MNight was recorded and uploaded on YouTube so if you have 3 hours of your life to spare, you might be interested to watch it here

If you have a vigilant eye, you might have noticed from my photos that MNight is my excuse to wear my baju kurung kedah, baju batik, baju kebaya, and dress that I brought from Malaysia. When and where else can I go clad in those clothes without getting scrutinising stares by onlookers rightttt. Takkan nak pegi Sainsbury's beli doughnuts pakai baju kurung hewhew.

But MNight carries yet another agenda.

It's also codename for KY reunion arena hehe :B I think that's the best bit about MNight.

This year, I missed out on Cardiff's MNight because I had a lot on my plate that squeezing a weekend trip to Cardiff was out of question.

But I got to go to UCL's last week, it was soooo much better than last year's one, but that's probably because I got there early this year so I had a good seat. By early I mean I (and the rest of KHouse) was among the first 600 who were entitled for free bubble tea or free kuih and being the typical out and out Malay Malaysian that I am, of course I went for the kuih!! Haha.

There were soooo many KY people in the hall that it felt like another Monday assembly in KY, and that our headmaster was going to go up the stage to give his speech haha dejavu siot.

While I'm at this MNight topic, my uni's MNight is coming up soon! I'm not good at persuading people into doing things but to those in London the UK, please come? I said please already!! You can buy tickets from me :) Be there or be square.

Or triangle. Freedom of choice man go ahead choose whatever shape your heart desires.

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