Sunday, 28 February 2016

Guess Who's Back

My previous post was so emo right? The past week was really rough because for some inexplicable reason, I was thrown into turmoil and I was drowning in the current of my own emotions. It was so bad that I started channelling my frustration to Twitter, something that I don't usually do. One of my friends even pointed out that it was so unlike me. Here are some excerpts of my rants :

The past week was, in summary, a series of unfortunate events for me. I lost ALL of my notes for the Human Development module, 2 days before I had to sit an exam for it. Stupid Word document decided to crash and claimed the file was corrupted two days before my exam. The disrespect!!

Needless to say I cried in the library (again), before I set out on a quest to recover my notes. After much struggle going through the Google results for 'Word crash sudden file corrupted what to do help', I finally managed to recover my notes, only partially, but alhamdulillah.

Moral of the story : listen to Monica.

But you know what Allah said, verily, with hardship comes ease. Not after hardship, but with hardship.

  • I received some concerned & lovely WhatsApp/messages/comments which I appreciate from the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much. 
  • After MNight practice the other day, I was about to leave so naturally, I said "나 갈게, 안녕히계세요" to the rest of the cast. Their reply was a bouquet of random Korean-related words "Annyeong sayur Sheera! SNSD! Kimchi!!" Bengong hahaha.
  • My lecturer showed a photo of an aborted foetus, then asked "Can anyone point out any physical malformations of this baby, other than it being ugly". 
  • The GP for my EPC placement told me, "I asked a patient to stop smoking but he said he'll cut down, but not stop altogether, because he said he's not a quitter." and I still cannot decide if that's uplifting or funny hahaha.

Anyway, guess who's back, back again? That's right yeoreobun Sheera Yang Ceria is back!! :D I'm feeling a lot better now because I got to talk to Aqil & Fahim on Facetime yesterday. Amie's back at home and we both know home is where the wifi is. I also got to talk to Atuk & Nenek and they were so excited telling me about buah tin at our kampung. I finally watched Dilwale with KHouse after my exam!!

Still not convinced that I'm back?

I gave Emma a teka teki today, the outcome of which was her stern "Sheera, diam sekarang".

Dalam banyak-banyak karipap, karipap apa yang islamik?

Karipap intifada.

Hehehehe told you I'm back.

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