Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ulfah Is Back!

Make way everyone, Ulfah coming through! That's right, she's backkkkk :)

I've been living alone for the past, what, 2 weeks? 3 weeks? But those weeks felt like a stretch of forever; humdrum and dull. Everything I did carried a sense of perfunctoriness in it. So depressing to makan alone, masak alone, mandi alone. Eh mandi memang alone kan.

While my housemates were back in Malaysia doing all sorts of Malaysian things with Malaysian people in Malaysian's heat, I carried on with my life here in London like a poor sod doing tedious London things. During those weeks of being alone, I had minimal human interaction. Other than my PBL groupmates in uni and the cashiers at Iceland & that kedai where I regularly buy veges from (is there such a thing as a membership for both Iceland and that kedai sayur?? Because no question I'd definitely be eligible to earn a gold star member title, given the frequency of my trips to those two places), I did not have any real conversation with anyone else.

Of course, talking to myself doesn't count.

But boy am I glad now that Ulfah is back!!! I was so excited to welcome her back today that I was already standing upfront at the arrival hall when her aeroplane just landed, she wasn't even out of the plane yet. Haha. I even held up a banner for her.

She gets annoyed whenever I do anything remotely Korean, all the more reason to write in Hangul for her banner haha

But I provided translation at the back. What a considerate, thoughtful soul I am hewhew

"I'm so not ready to embrace winter,"

We talked a lot on our way back home that it actually tired me out. I was reminded again how taxing human interaction can be. Upon reaching KHouse, I told Ulfah "Weh the amount yg I cakap dgn you tadi tu lagi banyak drpd amount I cakap seminggu lepas", that was not even an embellishment.

As much as I enjoy solitude, I honestly don't see myself living alone in the future. It just puts me at ease knowing that there's someone else occupying the same sphere as me, even if we're merely existing in our rooms minding our own business :) So yeah, there's that, thought I'd just share that KHouse is now 2/3 complete! Can't wait for Emma to be back so Ulfah & I can tease her to no end hahaha.

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