Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Pray For Mama

From the bottom of my heart, I ask for a small favour from all of you who are reading this, to make doa for my mum

because she's been talking about Dilwale every time we Facetime for the past 4 days. I tried to divert our conversation to something else but she kept gravitating back towards Dilwale. Mama's gone to the cinema twice in that period of time to watch the movie, and, yep you probably guessed it, she's planning to go for the third time. Hahahha. Hindustan films can do no wrong with my mum. 

18th January 2016
Mama : Kakak kena tengok cerita ni. Best sangat!!
Me : Akak dah minta tolong Ulfah cari dkt internet dah Ma, tapi tak jumpa yg ada subtitle. Kalau ada pun, subtitle dia lari.
Mama : Takpe takpe Mama boleh translatekan, Mama dah hafal dah.

#DemamDilwale #PrayForMama #JeSuisMama #IStandWithMama #JusticeForMama

If any of you know where I can watch Dilwale in HD with in sync English subtitles, please let me know!! So that I can watch it once & for all, and then analyse it with Mama afterwards hahah.

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