Friday, 15 January 2016


When I first heard about the second year syndrome I scoffed and brushed it off as something that will never happen to someone like me. But as with many other things in my life, that was a terrible gaffe. Life has proven me wrong yet again. Second year syndrome is real, guys. And it's happening to me!!

Try as I might, I just




On Monday I diagnosed myself with Parkinson's Disease because one of the signs is micrographia, and suddenly a tide of flashbacks hit the shore of my mind of the number of instances that people have pointed out how TINY my handwriting is.

Also the number of shaky selfies I took because my trembling hand gave way, could that have been resting tremor??? Have I had Parkinson's Disease all this while??

Couple of days back I was going through lecture slides about Multiple Sclerosis, in which there would be significant reduction in information processing speed 6 years after diagnosis. Whoa hang on there. I mean, I haven't been able to absorb knowledge like a sponge as of late, is that a coincidence?? I think not?!

That's not all! Up until this very moment I probably have made like 18 diagnoses of myself, which leaves me with the prediction of, umm, around 6 days to live?

Brb writing my wasiat now hahaha okay gurau.

But the sheer terror that accompanies each revelationary diagnosis.... *shudders*

Okay obviously this is just my irrational fear getting the better of me. Hewhew.

On an unrelated note, did you know that men's clothes have buttons on the right side and women's on the left? Well now you do.

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