Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year

Happy new year, everyone!! :)

You wouldn't believe how my first view of 2016 looked like :

gelap gelita. That's because I was very much deep in slumber the moment the clock struck 12 and the last digit of the year changed hehe.

There isn't much for me to say about 2015, it was as good & as bad to me as any other year. I think the stark highlight of my 2015 was the 3 months of summer break that I spent at home. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Before my summer break ensued, I mentally enumerated the things that I wanted to do and the food that I wanted to eat but as soon as I touched down in Malaysia, the freedom that I was looking forward to seemed rather illusory. The first 5 days I fell victim to jet lag and I lost my bearings somehow and I tried very hard to reestablish my competence of being behind the wheel, but even Amie pointed out that I've lost my touch with driving (exact words were "Come on Sheera, 100 je kau bawak? Mana Sheera yang dulu, ni bukan Sheera yang aku kenal." hahaha kuang asam). It was made worse by my sense of direction (or rather, lack thereof), so I ended up being driven around by other people for 80% of my summer break haha. Anyway I had a lovely time just being in the familiarity and warmth of my favourite people ; my parents, my siblings, my relatives, my best friends. I treasured every bit of my summer break ; from waking up early to go to the pasar, sending my little sister to school, taking my Atuk out to buy a new songkok for eid, playing badminton with my good friends and laughing over teh o ais & roti canai afterwards as per usual, movie dates with my little cousins, catching up with people whom I've missed so very much while I was halfway across the globe, getting quizzed about Malaysian geography by my friends because they know how much I suck at it (Dungun dekat Terengganu, not Perak. Now I know), weekends filled with open houses and kuih raya (cornflake madu!!). Aaaaah so many things it's impossible to write about them all here.

But the most major, life changing, mind blowing event of my life that took place during my summer break was

I took the plunge face first into KPop/KDrama/KVariety Show/KEverything, the whole enchilada lah to put it simply. But fret not, for I have

Crazy how I used to kutuk people who're into kpop and now I'm one of them hahaha.

What (or rather, who) led to my foray in this blackhole of Korean venture is none other than Amie, who made me watch (and lose all my cool if I even had any in the first place, because I actually cried tujuh lautan and had to pause several times just to clear the congestion that is the phlegm in my nose) Always and A Moment To Remember. And then there's Tiera who never seemed to stop retweeting stuff about Exo and one day I accidentally ter-click one of the links and my jaw dropped and that's how I fell in love with Sehun, it was definitely love at first sight. And of course, Healer. Do I need to say more about how much I love Healer?? Bong Sook-ah ~

There was no turning back from there.

One thing led to another, and then somehow I was brought to this song by Baekhyun. Safe to say that I've been singing this song every. Single. Day. Without fail. This song is the OST of my life! Baekhyun's voice... *swoons* Also, Baekhyun himself... *swoons*

Now that 2015 has taken its final bow, I bid adieu to the tumultuous year of joy & sorrow. Alhamdulillah for everything. 2016, I welcome you with open arms! I don't really have any new year resolutions because I fear of falling short of my own expectations. I pretty much make my own resolutions as I go along with the year, sometimes at whim, like how I started eating vege.

**Update 3rd January 20156 : Started watching Reply 1997 yesterday and now I'm done with it, while my mud-coated shoes from hiking in Brecon Beacons are still... Mud-coated. Hashtag messed up priorities. My new year resolution would be to practise self control refrain self from finishing a kdrama in 2 days >:(

How about you, how did your 2015 fare & any new year resolutions? :)

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