Saturday, 30 January 2016

Emma's Birthday Dinner

Emma is back!! In other words, KHouse is now complete. Yayayayayyy!

The day after her arrival, we decided to dine out to celebrate Emma's birthday, although the celebratory dinner was 10 days late from her actual birthday hahah. We went to Stax Diner at Kingly Court, ordered a burger for each of us. 

Post-dinner, we took the fun to Oxford Street. I can't recall the last time I was at Oxford Street, feels like millenniums ago to be honest! It was busy, as per usual, but we had fun standing on the divider pavement & striking poses for the camera, making complete fools of ourselves basically hahaha. But we were in a sea of tourists, and we looked like tourists anyway given our lack of height and blue eyes and sharp nose hewhew, so people walked and drove past our antics without batting an eye. 

We headed home afterwards because Emma was still under the jetlag spell - she slept throughout our tube journey haha - and I was feeling unwell. I had this massive headache that literally extended all the way down my spine, and I think my tonsils were inflamed, and I was losing my voice. Ulfah told me to recite the 19th verse of Surah Al-Waqiah (56th surah in the Quran), as it specifically speaks about headache. Amazing!!

All photos courtesy of Ulfah.

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