Friday, 15 January 2016


It's Atuk's birthday today!!!! :) Don't ask me about his age because in all honesty, I don't know. Neither does he, hahaha. His IC is a complete deceit so that doesn't clarify anything, but it doesn't matter if he's 27 or 72 or 63 or 94, I love my old man all the same. I rummaged through the ancient posts in my old blogs (and cringed at ALL my grammatical errors and teenage angst and "Ugh tak siap homework tuition lagi" posts hahaha) to find some anecdotes of Atuk that I managed to write before. Needless to say I shed a tear or two (or one gallon, you'll never know).


14/12/2011 - 1853 - in the car otw to somewhere
Atuk : Eh apa tu? Kebakaran ke? (panic)
Sheera : Eh tak lah atuk, tu fogging je.
Atuk : Oh nak bomb aedes ye?

Dr Shaiful : Pakcik, gula pakcik tinggi ni. Kencing manis dah naik ni. Pakcik banyak makan manis ye?
Nenek : (menyampuk) Betul tu, dia ni mana boleh minum air masak, air kosong. Asyik minum air manis aje.
Atuk : Saya hanya minum air yang isteri saya buatkan, doktor.

July 2013

October 2014

Atuk finally got a new phone! One with better camera resolution because nowadays everytime something interesting happens, all my aunts and uncles and cousins take out their phones and snapped photos, so I guess Atuk felt a bit left out.

Technological pressure 1 - 0 Atuk, hehe.

He asked my assistance in typing out the phone numbers of the important people of his life - in other words, his main homies (insert some hip hop gestures here) (no? Okay, sorry! Haha) - and saving them into his contacts. He read out the digits from his scribbles in a little pocket notebook which he seems to carry wherever life brings him to, and I typed on the phone.

After the last name, Atuk said, "Okay dah, itu saja. Terima kasih, cu."

"Nama kita takde pun Atuk? Atuk taknak nombor telefon kita ke?" (How dare he, not including me in his main homies? Siapa yang selalu teman Atuk ngeteh kat mamak? Siapa yang bawak Atuk cari butang baju melayu? Bukan nak kata apa la Atuk, but #justsaying) (Gurau, gurau :) )

"Ha bolehlah, save nombor engkau dalam telefon Atuk."

"Okay" and off I went, happily keying in my number. "Okay dah Atuk, kita save nama kita Shahirah Cucu Terbaik."

I felt his hands patting my shoulder and saw his lips cracked into a wide smile.


Some photos from eid over the years :

Atuk was about to give duit raya to me but little miss cheeky Nuha came out of nowhere & snatched it away! Hahaha. Cunning.

This is one of my favourite photos of all time!!! That's Aqil (my favourite boy, who deserves a post to himself but maybe one fine day) playing with Atuk's serban when he's supposed to salam & say sorry.

Happiest of birthdays to my old man! I wish for him to always be under His protection, to never run out of wisdom to impart in me, to never stop smiling.

I pray no one ever tells him that WWE isn't real because that will just crush his lifelong admiration for the 'sport' hahah. Today, I may not be in presence for Atuk, but in heart, always. Promise once I'm back on Malaysian soil I'll let you watch WWE all day everyday if that's what you want, and if Nenek nags about wanting to watch her Indonesian sinetron then we'll rendezvous to the nearest mamak and watch it there, okay Atuk? Love you Atuk.

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