Friday, 11 December 2015


"Sheera, pernah tak orang bagitahu Sheera yang muka Sheera macam cina sikit?", Emma asked yesterday.

Umm, only a few 9484615273 times. No big deal.

It's because of my sepet eyes, guys. It baffles me sometimes as to where did I get these sepet eyes from, because Mama has large, round eyes and Ayah's eyes aren't particularly small, they're of the normal size methinks. So how in the world did I get the allele for these sepet eyes?! Not saying that sepet eyes are ugly (apologies if that's how it comes across, I absolutely do not mean it that way), but just like 1 + 1 does not add up to 4, that's how I think the equation of my parents' alleles don't seem to add up to mine, do you see where I'm coming from?

One time my family went to attend a wedding, and when I was salam-ing & congratulating the hosts, they asked, "Anak siapa ye?". Their heads bobbed sideways, their eyes wandered around looking for my family.

My family was right next to me.

Don't get me started about my friends' endless jokes & mocks about my being adopted haha. I used to grumble a lot about my eyes, always wishing I had bigger eyes until one day, I had a dream. I'm not quite the dreamer to begin with. Even when I do, 9 out of 10 times I'd forget about it. However there is this one dream that manages to stay in my memories. It was the dream where I had the eyes of Mike Wazowski (if you don't know who Mike Wazowski is... oh my God, do yourself a favour and leave my blog right this instance).

Come let me help you visualise my dream.


And I had two of Mike Wazowski's eyes!! Hahaha. In the dream I was struggling to put on my contacts because, of course, with eyes that big, you can imagine the size of my contacts. They were as big as my palms ok. Waking up from the dream, the first thing I reached out for was the mirror and boy was I glad to see that, looking at me from the mirror, was a reflection of myself & my sepet eyes. Gone are those days of complaining "Why did I sleep?!" after taking photos. 그러니까, guys, don't forget to say thanks to God for everything that you have & stop wishing for things that you don't because Pussycat Dolls said "be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it"! 

And baca doa tidur before you sleep lest you be visited by dreams as dreadful as this one.

Nowadays when people come up to me & say I look Chinese, I retort with "Ala, macam cina ke? Bukan korea?". 아니면, I just close my eyes dah alang-alang sepet and pretend to be Marilyn Monroe, 이렇게



    1. I bet you're laughing because you're one of those non-sepet people, because if you're sepet you'd be empathising me hahaha. Kidding! :B Girl you need to blog more!