Friday, 18 December 2015


Yeoreobun! I came to realise something the other day. My thought process is a little topsy turvy but I'm going to try to articulate it in the most comprehensible way.

Okay so let's face it - we humans are complex creatures, in all aspects to be honest, biologically, psychologically, etc. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed at the many decades & centuries that have passed and the many advancements & discoveries our ancestors have made about our bodies; yet there's still so much we don't know?! Not saying that the march of medicine is not fast enough (in fact it seems inexorable, how things keep changing. It's easy to get left behind in this area... especially when you're too busy watching kdramas instead of revising lecture notes, like a certain someone *coughs*), also not trying to demoralise anyone in the research department, mankind has done quite a tremendous job in our attempt to understand the intricate systems that we carry within ourselves. But for every 1 question that we found the answer to, there are like 1000 more questions that we're still clueless about (the number of times my lecture notes say 'The mechanism of somethingsomething has yet to be understood' or 'remains unclear' or something along those lines, countless!). Still many mysteries that we need to unravel. And to think that the knowledge at human's disposal is analogous to a mere drop of Allah's entire ocean of wonders!! Is that amazing or amazing?

Anyway, my point being

From the scarce sum of knowledge that has been imparted in me, I notice a recurrent theme : moderation. Too much of something can be bad, but too little of the same thing can be bad as well. Too much white blood cells? Leukaemia (cancer). Or autoimmune disease (where your antibodies attack your own cells). Too little white blood cells? You could be immunocompromised (your defence system is weak or entirely absent). This is far from accurate to be honest, because there could be a thousand possible reasons underlying abnormal white blood cell count, but I'm trying to get my point across in the easiest layman terms possible.

Okay maybe another example.

Our ecosystem is a balance of predator & prey, consumer & producer. A harmony of food webs and interactions between various organisms & molecules. Imagine what would happen if all lions eat all zebras, then all zebras would die so who would eat the grass & shrubs & leaves & all? And then if the lions get hungry again, they won't have anything else to eat because they finished all the zebras already so the lions will die too, eventually, out of starvation. So now all zebras dead, all lions dead. Who's gonna rule Pride Rock?! Isn't Mufasa's death enough to break all of our poor, fragile hearts?! T.T So that's why lions (talking to you, Simba) cannot eat all their food in one go, they need to be moderate in terms of their food intake as to allow some zebras to live so that the remaining zebras can mate & reproduce & maintain the continuity of the zebra family (aka Simba's food supply). In other words, Simba should be moderate, not tamak haloba.

There are many things & many scenarios that take place around me on a daily basis that can be used to exemplify the concept of moderation. I'd like to think that God has created us in such a way that we need to find that fine line of moderation that segregates excessive from inadequate, to find that optimum range of equilibrium between extremism & negligence. To find that ground zero. Even Islam has put a great emphasis on moderation, such as striking the balance between this worldly life & the hereafter, feeding our physical, exterior needs & those of our soul, balancing reason & emotion. Moderation encompasses everything instead of inclining to one side of the spectrum. As a student, especially after entering university abroad, I've been introduced to more new people with a wider variety of views, ideologies, beliefs, and cultures. This is good, to a certain extent, but again, moderation is of vital importance as I juggle between allowing myself some changes (for the better, I think) to step out my comfort zone & small bubble and keeping my roots steadfast as a Muslim & Malaysian all at the same time. Sure, there are some noble traits and common courtesy from the western culture that I admire and should uphold & put to practice, but I need to stop using the western's public decorum as a benchmark for progress. I used to be one of those extremely conservative lot who put mat salleh with blue eyes + blonde hair on a pedestal and surmise that whatever the mat salleh do must be good, ergo I must follow. But now that I'm in my second year of uni, being in London in no way quells my love for Malaysia, but it only intensifies it. Sure Malaysia & Malaysians have a lot to learn. We've got a long way to go, but we're definitely on the way, for real, not the aku-baru-bangun-baru-nak-mandi kind of on the way that we're commonly associated with hewhew.

I think I should be moderate in everything else that I do and not go over the top, from now on. Be moderate in balancing studies & fun, be moderate in my Korean venture (as in, stop obsessing over Sehun, regardless of how perfect good looking I think he is. Also, as in, stop binge-watching kdramas like there's no tomorrow. Maybe try 1 episode per day, for a start), be moderate in my eating habits (as in, stop blaming winter for having dinner at 5 pm and then dinner 2.0 at 8 pm and then dinner 3.0 at 10 pm >:(  ). Being moderate, I think, is about patience, stability & will power.

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