Monday, 14 December 2015

KHouse Took Brighton

... on 31st October. Haha I know, I know, it's December now, which means this post is way long overdue. In my defence, I'm a medical student therefore I don't usually have a lot of free time on my hands!

So my housemates & I went for a day trip down south to Brighton because the train tickets were cheap (£6 return) that day. We arrived to a gloomy, cloudy Brighton and everywhere I looked, everything just screamed "Depressed!" at me... Not only was it gloomy, it was chilly as well. It was disheartening to say the least because the night before, the weather forecast told us that it'd be sunny & warm in Brighton. Weather forecast you penipu besaq.

We went to Brighton Pier where the fun fair was, approximately 20 minutes by foot from the train station. Oh and since we went to Brighton on Halloween Day, the fun fair played some ghostly tunes feat some chills-inducing woman's shrills at the entrance. Seeing some Jokers & Draculas roaming around the fun fair in broad daylight was a bit weird, but cool. Anyway, Ulfah & Emma went for a scary looking ride that took them all the way up in the air, and sent them plummeting down by rotating the ride thingy. They said it felt like they were being thrown into the sea (because the ride was located at the end of the pier) but the adrenaline rush was worth it, so they had no regrets at all. That's when I realised my housemates are crazy. I wasn't gutsy enough to join them but just recording them from the ground (aka where people with intact sanity should be!!) pun dah kus semangat, I cannot imagine actually going on the ride. Probably would have passed out even before I got to the top haha. Afterwards the sun decided to come out of its hiding, yay!! We had churros while lounging at the pebbled beach, the sea stretched before our very eyes, sun on our skin.

After performing our prayers, we went to the Royal Pavillion, and then walked all the way to the colourful beach huts (aka the location of the obligatory I've-been-to-Brighton photos). That was a 40-minute walk but we took our own sweet time to get there. Once the sun disappeared from the horizon, we walked all the way back to Brighton Pier, this time we picked up our pace because we had a train to catch. Brighton at night was much, much more lively! Even more people were walking around in their halloween costumes, kids holding buckets in their hands. The horror stuff played at the entrance of Brighton Pier was a lot more petrifying at night.

We bought fish & chips but we zoomed straight on to the train station (uphill okay, we were going uphill) because we were so worried about missing our train. Thank God we made it in time!!! As soon as we got on the train, I completely collapsed in my seat. My legs must have hated me for exceeding the quota of my walking faculty for that day.

Sunburst 1.0

Sunburst 2.0 

Our official "KHouse Takes Brighton" photo hehe

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