Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Brecon Beacons

After Bath, my friend (Amir) and I resumed our journey to Cardiff. We stayed over Feie's place. That night we went to Wok-Ker Shaker for dinner, and can I please just say this : everything was just so murah as opposed to London's exorbitant prices!! Nak nangis.

The next morning we went to Brecon Beacons. Feie said Brecon Beacons is a large area, like a daerah on its own. It's not even in Cardiff anymore, but still within Wales. People usually come for many things ; waterfalls, Pen y Fan, Black Mountain, etc. so different parts of it offer different things. We took a train from Cardiff to Merthyr Tydfil, from there took the T4 bus and asked the bus driver to drop us at Storey Arms. From Storey Arms, we hiked up Pen y Fan. That's 886m of elevation.


It was my first time hiking. And I am officially traumatised. For. Life.

Enough said.

Okay so maybe it was just a bad kkaebsong day with (extremely) bad weather. When we started hiking, the sky was overcast, and there was drizzle but we thought it was bearable and it would go away soon. But as we ascended further up, everything else just went "downhill". The wind started blowing like crazy I thought it was almost like a storm, the rain came and went and came again, the fog thickened, and then all of a sudden it hailed.

IT. FREAKING. HAILED. It was so les mizeghable for me because it actually hurt when the hail come straight onto my face.

And then my camera wouldn't turn on.

ZORRO. ACTUALLY. DIED. That was not just les mizeghable, that was les mizeghabut already I felt like I was going to combust & explode from the pent-up frustration of how much of a haywire the day had been.

Approximately 10 minutes from the summit, I decided to stop & not go up. Not because I gave up (I was so close to the top already!) but because the wind was insane. Since I'm rather petite, I could've actually been blown away!!! My head was filled with all sorts of gory imagination ; if I did get blown away where the hell would I end up at!! I even tried to form some plausible mental calculations, taking into account my educational guess of the speed of the wind and the direction in which I'll be blown away and if it was possible for my body to defy physics, against all odds.

Have to consider all possibilities, okay.

I thought I was going to die so I kept muttering the kalimah syahadah because I swear I thought my time was almost up. And I wanted to tell Feie how much I love my family and my best friends and everyone back home and wanted Feie to relay my last words to them in case my lifespan did cease at that very moment. The thick fog was not helping either!! The reason I agreed to go hiking in the first place was solely for the breathtaking view people had been telling me about but what did I get? A goddamn white blanket covering everything. Ugh. I was so, so pissed off and I felt horrible because that would mean I was pissed off at the weather and the one in charge of the weather is none other than The One!! ;( I also thought maybe I was experiencing Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) (in retrospect, I wasn't, guys. AMS only happens at >2400 metres of ascent, what the hell was I thinking haha over nya!) and I learnt about this in uni but I couldn't recall what's the name of the diuretic that is given to people with AMS (also in retrospect, it's Acetazolamide) so I was irritated at myself for not remembering that. I was cold and wet and trembling and my nose was runny and frankly speaking the only thing I could ask for at that time was to return to sea level.

I thought I wouldn't make it to the ground, but I did!!! I returned to the ground!! All limbs intact, in one piece!! Physically and emotionally beat but in one piece nonetheless!!

My exact sentiments upon reaching the ground, personified by Dash from The Incredibles.

Rasa nak cium tanah and say sorry for leaving the ground hahhah and promise I'll never ever commit a folly like leaving the ground again.

You know, sometimes the weather is just not in your favour and no amount of whining can change that, so you'll just have to deal with it. Feie (who has gone hiking for many times now, she's even conquered Snowdonia) said the weather was way too grim even for her, let alone for a first timer like me. Or maybe it's better to put it this way : if it's winter in the UK, sit your arse down and don't bother going out for outdoor activities. 'tis the time to be jolly & watch kdramas! Anyway, here are some photos I took before Zorro died on me.

c/o Feie's phone. Hahah look at my IM-GOING-TO-DIE face, sedih pilu gila

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