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is a little city in the UK. It's actually a valley, surrounded by mountains, famous for its natural hot springs (very few of those in the UK). I was told by Natrah (a new friend I made!! She also happens to be my senior from MRSM haha talk about six degrees of separation!) that the architecture in Bath has both Roman & Georgian elements to it. All the buildings look similar in the sense that they all have this distinctive warm sephia-ish colour. That's because they have to conform to a certain guideline that is, to use bath stones as building materials. Natrah said if the people there want to renovate pun they still have to oblige to this. It probably has something to do with the fact that Bath is listed as one of UNESCO's heritage sites, so it would only make sense that they want to preserve everything.

Another singular feature of Bath is Jane Austen, the one who wrote Pride and Prejudice. I don't think she was born in Bath, but she spent several years calling Bath home. Some of her books centred around Bath as the settings. There's a Jane Austen Centre here but I didn't get to visit it, and apparently people in Bath hold a Jane Austen Festival annually. Natrah said during the festival, you'll be able to see random people just walking around nonchalantly in their Georgian get up, the whole enchilada will look like it's from an entirely different time & place.

Natrah told us the chronicle of how a swineherd (a person who rears pigs) who contracted some kind of disease was travelling with his pigs (also diseased, the same kind of disease... somehow) and chanced upon the hot springs in Bath. When his pigs went around the springs, their disease was cured! The swineherd figured that maybe he'll be cured as well, so he went on to bathe inside the hot water and as legends had it, he, too, was cured. That's how Bath was founded and everyone believed the hot springs' healing power.

"You see, babi is quite a big deal here," quote of the day by Natrah hahaha. I was in Bath for only a day so there weren't many things that I could squeeze in my time, only Bath Abbey, Roman Baths, Bath Guildhall Market, and Royal Crescent (it's a shame I went there when it was already dark, so no good photos of the Royal Crescent). Anyway, I'm actually glad that Natrah was there to take us around and she's well versed in the Bath subject. I felt like a downright loser for a moment because my knowledge of London is zilch, but don't worry I made a mental note to find out about any interesting trivia/stories of London so the next time someone comes visit, I'll blow him/her away with my knowledge muehehe.

Favourite photo of Bath Abbey!

The Roman Baths. Macam air tebu kan hahaha

That's the Pulteney Bridge where one of the scenes from Les Miserables was filmed

The thing at the bottom is called a weir

Thanks for everything, Natrah!

In the Bath Guildhall Market

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