Sunday, 15 November 2015

Unicef Charity Match

was awesome pawesome! Unbelievable. It's a charity match for children, organised by Unicef, and some world class football figures came together to Old Trafford Stadium in aid of the cause. Alex Ferguson was there as well! It was Great Britain & Ireland against Rest Of The World. (Is it just me or does that sound like it came out from a song lyrics?! Like, you & me against the world. Macam cinta terhalang je haha)

Frankly speaking I am not an avid football fan, not even a football fan might I add, but I'm so glad Zira & the gang made me join them to watch the charity match for children. The reason I decided to just go anyway was some people dear to me (my brother, Amie, and Almira) are MU fans so I thought I'd just be in Old Trafford Stadium while thinking "I'm doing this for you guys!". How thoughtful of me hewhew.

The weather forecast told me that it'd rain the whole day so I was doubtful if I was going to enjoy my day in Manchester. Rain the whole day it did (welcome to the UK huhu). My umbrella, on the other hand, refused to serve its purpose -.- Thank God for my jacket's hood.

It was exhilarating to be in the full house stadium. And to be able to see legendary football players playing on the same field!!!! That includes David Beckham, Michael Owen, Ryan Giggs, Van Der Sar (I accidentally wrote Van Der Waals on my Facebook post, people are still teasing me about it... Tak sengaja ok) (if you don't know what Van Der Waals is, it's a type of chemical bond between molecules) (who says reading my blog isn't beneficial?), Paul Scholes, 박 지 성, Alan Smith and Brooklyn Beckham(!!). It's a shame that some players (Zinedine Zidane & Patrick Vieira) withdrew following the atrocity happening across Paris :( I only learnt the players names during the match itself, and these are the only ones I manage to remember haha. The game was splendid!! I didn't think I'd be able to enjoy & appreciate the beauty of football but I surprised myself! I thoroughly enjoyed it that I forgot to take Zorro out of my handbag, it stayed tucked in there throughout the entire game.

50% of the time I kept asking my friend, Amir, "Weh weh weh apa jadi ni, asal tetiba??" and he'd explain to me the basics of football. Guys, I think I know what offside means now. I think. But oh what the hell, I don't sebenarnya, hahaha. But offside is really annoying!! >:( When David Beckham was substituted, everyone gave a round of thunderous clap and standing ovation. When his son, Brooklyn Beckham, was announced to replace him, the crowd basically went loco. Beckham replaced Beckham, number 7 replaced number 7. Emotional moment! Every time Brooklyn got the ball, everyone was hysterical in ooohs and aaahs, every single time!!! Lucky kid got to play with world class players at that age. Not long after, David Beckham got back on the pitch again!! Hahahah. Lagi lah gila semua orang dibuatnya, especially when the two Beckhams just passed the ball to each other. Main dua beranak je macam family dia punya game pulak haiyo so cute!! They're both wearing number 7 some more!

The game ended with GB & Ireland XI 3 - 1 Rest of The World XI. Rainy weather aside, it was such a good day! There's always a first for everything; this was my first live football match, hopefully not the last? :) Anyway here are some photos that I took after the game :

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