Thursday, 19 November 2015

Top Secret

I think it's about time I reveal something about myself that many may not know, unless you've been with me long enough for me to trust you with this information.


I have a problem.

That's not really a shocking revelation to most of you because I have many kinds of problems : lack of social graces, reduced ability to stay awake in lectures, little to zero self discipline to refrain from watching 10 episodes of a kdrama in one go, to name a few. But there's another problem.

There's a condition that apparently runs in my family.

I'm not sure if it's down to genetics or if it's because we've been exposed to the same predisposing factors that cause the condition to manifest itself among us. Maybe it's an interplay of both factors. Maybe not. Who knows.

We have something called The Vegetable Allergy.

No, really!! You think I'm joking, but whenever we eat veges there's a sensation of choking and emesis and nak mati kind of feeling. It's pretty serious. This is no laughing matter, if you did laugh then I am honestly offended, take back that laugh.

Okay gurau.

And I also gurau about the hereditary part. But it does run in the family though. Most of my uncles don't eat vege, my siblings and I all are highly vege-intolerant. Okay well maybe I am miiiiildly tolerant, but my threshold for vege is quite low. I eat tauge (because tauge is a hypocritical camouflaging little piece of flora that tries to fit in with mi goreng by looking exactly the same) and daun sup (because it's impossible to asingkan daun sup from the sup), that's pretty much it. My default closure line after ordering food is, "Taknak sayur eh," wherever applicable.

But recently I decided to give this vege venture a try. I've lived the past 21 years of my life just fine & unscathed without vege, why bother now right?! I have my reasons so hear me out on this. First, because, let's be real, it's about time I start incorporating a healthy, balanced diet into my eating habits. Especially here in the UK because I do zero exercise. Especially now that I have done year 2's module of Cardiorespiratory in uni and learnt about the myriads of things that can go wrong once cholesterol deposits around the vessel walls and how NOT EASY it is to rectify that. My body is an amanah that Allah has bestowed upon me. With all the countless blessings that He's showered me with, it's only sensible that I at least try to take care of my body in ways that I can. Geuraesseo, this is one way. Besides, anything that you do for the sake of Allah counts as ibadah, so pahala for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco! Second, because to lift up some (if not all) of the dense guilt cloud hovering me whenever I'm about to gobble up other sinfully sweet, unhealthy food (looking at you, £1 Sainsbury's chocolate chip muffins). Third, because if I get pregnant and have children in the future, I want them to eat veges so that they don't have to tread the difficult anti-vege path (with the peril of constant "Eee asal kau tak makan sayur" taunts by the Vege Gang) that their mother had to experience before. What kind of a mother would I be if I were to ask my children to do something that I don't even do, kan? So this is a benefit in the long run. 30-year-old Sheera would be so proud & glad that 21-year-old Sheera made the right decision, hewhew.

But so far I've only managed to get carrots, tomatoes, and a bit of coleslaw into my system. The other day I made nasi ayam for my housemates and I bought cabbage instead of salad..... My housemates had a good time teasing me about it. In my defense, those two definitely look alike.

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