Wednesday, 25 November 2015


I'm Shahirah Hasbullah reporting from London that the temperature has plummeted to a new low over the weekend and we have been graced with the first snowfall..... In November -_- The snowfall was brief, but enough to signify winter's arrival. KHouse was woken up by Emma's flabbergasted shriek at 7 in the morning, so Ulfah & I were forced to get out from our safe haven (read : duvet) to see the snowfall, and of course, to record it. Because we're Malaysians through and through, we're jakun. Hewhew.

What an unattractive view of the back of KHouse, haha, I was too lazy to go to the front for a better view. After recording the snowfall I returned to being encased in the duvet like a popia, whilst missing Malaysia's heat. And popia.

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