Wednesday, 25 November 2015


I'm Shahirah Hasbullah reporting from London that the temperature has plummeted to a new low over the weekend and we have been graced with the first snowfall..... In November -_- The snowfall was brief, but enough to signify winter's arrival. KHouse was woken up by Emma's flabbergasted shriek at 7 in the morning, so Ulfah & I were forced to get out from our safe haven (read : duvet) to see the snowfall, and of course, to record it. Because we're Malaysians through and through, we're jakun. Hewhew.

What an unattractive view of the back of KHouse, haha, I was too lazy to go to the front for a better view. After recording the snowfall I returned to being encased in the duvet like a popia, whilst missing Malaysia's heat. And popia.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Right Person?

I wanted to cook mi kungfu on Thursday but I was running low on some of the ingredients, so I went out in the rain. Nowadays they charge 5p for every plastic bag, and adhering to the cheapskate lifestyle that I lead, I brought my own shopping bag. That's 5p saved!! Also, it does good to the environment so cheapskate life is the way to go, guys.

I figured I'd be carrying a shopping bag in one hand, it'd be too much of a hassle to hold an umbrella using the other hand. A hooded waterproof jacket, then. It wasn't raining cats & dogs anyway (welcome to the UK, where it rains kittens & puppies ALL day long) so a hooded jacket should be okay.

As I was walking, I noticed that a guy with an umbrella was walking in the opposite direction but I paid little regards to that fact & kept on walking.

Seconds later I realised that that guy was now walking next to me, in the same direction as me. Odd. But okay.

At one point, he turned slightly and looked at me and I kebetulan was looking at him as well so we made eye contact. He smiled, I gave a small nod & smiled back.

Suddenly he gave salam to me. I said waalaikumussalam.

At this point he was slowing down his pace to match mine (I walk pretty slow because short legs). He asked me if I'm from Indonesia. I answered that Indonesia is close to Malaysia and the people of both countries do look quite similar, in fact there's been a number of times that people here in the UK have mistaken me for an Indonesian. He went on asking me about where I study, what I study, whom I'm living with.

"Come walk under my umbrella, it's raining,"
"No it's okay, I have my hood so I'm alright,"
"You sure?? Just walk with me under the umbrella,"
"No really, I'm fine. Don't worry," strengthening my resolve.

He went on to make small talk with me, but I tried my best not to appear too interested or too disinterested even though to be honest, I was growing skeptical by every passing second. Suddenly he asked me to join him for a cup of coffee

which I politely declined, saying that I was in a rush to go somewhere.

Then he took out his phone, saying "Alright. Would you like to exchange telephone numbers with me?", ready to punch in my digits.

I retorted with "Umm I don't think that's a good idea," with the most kambing smile I could muster.

After wishing him a good day, I quickly went away without looking back.

Confession : 사실은 I would have thought of this whole incident as sweet had it been in a movie or a drama, but it happened in real life. And it happened to my real life. And when it did, I felt like it was more creepy than it was sweet. Creepy would be an understatement okay. I was terrified!

If it were a Korean namja then I prooooooobably would have said Ne to the coffee offer hewhew.

But then again how will I ever get to know someone new & fall in love if I keep saying No to meeting new people in the first place? How will someone enter my heart if I keep the door shut, locked with a padlock and security code? Had I said Yes to his offer, would we have had a nice chat in a quaint little cafe? Would we be able to talk about so many things of a wide spectrum, from one end to the other? Or would there be awkward silence between us?

It would be our first time meeting each other right, so what would be his first impression of me? Will he find me & my gelabah ways charming or exasperating? Will my jokes come off as funny or offensive to him? Will he pay for our coffee and would I menyesal tak order a dessert sekali alang-alang? Would we enjoy each other's company? Would he ask to meet for the second time, and the third? What if he sincerely just wanted to be friends? What if I actually missed the chance to befriend someone very interesting & remarkably inspiring?

What if he's actually working for a model agency and he was scouring for talent and he saw the potential in me from the way I walk?!

Oddly enough, these questions came to me with no trail of regret. Truth to be told, a massive wave of relief washed through me when I said No to him & quickly went away. Because my instincts told me so. The whole incident was nothing more than a coincidence involving a random stranger, no big deal.

If it were someone else, if it were the right person, I probably wouldn't have hesitated. If it were the right person, I probably wouldn't have to force it. If it were the right person, my instincts would tell me go for it, Sheera. If it were the right person, I would know, hopefully, and everything would be aligned in such a way that is too good to be just a coincidence, but a fate. I wouldn't think about it in retrospect only to realise the terrible blunder of letting such opportunity slip through. I'm sure God & His alchemy has got this sorted and under control, down to the little technicalities - where, when, who - so I need not worry.

Guess it was just not the right person that day.


I log into Facebook and my timeline is stifled with news articles and videos of abuse, injustice, violence, things that make me think this world is such a horrid place to inhabit. You may have heard about the massacre that took place across Paris, Beirut, and Syria. Innocent lives were taken mercilessly, people lost their dear & beloved ones to arsenal in a blink of an eye. I read stories of people standing up in solidarity with the nations, people sharing the same sentiment of sympathy towards those affected by the onslaught, people bickering over the point of changing their profile photos in blue, red & white shades, people questioning the selective few sides of the story that the media exposes & the other sides who never got their stories told, people pointing fingers & playing the blame game, people getting verbal abuse & hurtful words thrown in their faces for practising their beliefs, people being pushed to ongoing traffic for no particular reason,

I can go on about the things that make up my Facebook timeline, but they're too devastating for my poor heart to take.

These stories carry one common theme : they've painted a sordid story of humanity.

This whole week I said a little extra prayer every time I went out to commute to uni and back home. With every step I took, I feared about being shunned by people around me. I became wary with my choice of words lest I pull on the wrong strings and inflict unnecessary tension. In the tube while being squeezed in between people's armpits (because, um, I'm.... short petite) during the peak hour, I wondered if the person next to me thinks I'm a threat to the country. I wondered if the person 2 seats away from me during lecture thinks I carry explosives under my scarf to put the lecture hall to shambles, why didn't she sit right next to me? I wondered if someone was going to tower above me in screams simply because of the piece of cloth I put on my head, and everyone else would just be staring, silenced? I tried to maintain a certain distance from people around me.


I cooked nasi lemak for dinner the other night (1 week+ ago). After dinner, Emma & I went to see Monica - she's the previous tenant of the house who right now lives just 8 minutes away from us - for a special home made nasi lemak delivery. She's been to Malaysia several times before and she's already established the fact that she's a big fan of Malaysian food. And oh God. The look on her face when we brought the nasi lemak to her doorstep!! She had a huuuge grin plastered across her face, profusely thanking us.

Anyway, yesterday she popped by our house to pick up some mail and to return our tupperware. "Oh my God thank you so much for the nasi lemak!!! It's so, so good. Made me feel like I'm in Malaysia! I ate it at work, one of my colleagues was sniffing it but I quickly said na'ah, I don't share food. But thank you so much, Shahirah!!", she said. Her words came out like Central line train, laju gila I had a tough time trying to understand what she was saying hahah. Every sentence went an octave higher than the preceding one, that's how excited she was.

She said that her friends are coming some time next week & she's planning to cook some Caribbean food. "I'll make sure to give some to you guys. Don't worry, it'll be fish and some seasoning, so it'll be alright with you, right??", reassuring me that it'll be halal for us to consume. So kind & considerate of her!! Such a sweetheart, that woman.

Amidst all the things that are happening, I'm just extremely happy that our friendship with Monica is not shaken at all. I came to realise that all the atrocities that are happening currently are just tools for fearmongering, no? The terrorists behind the guns are creating lines to divide us, by instilling fear & mistrust deep within ourselves. They destroy people who do not submit to their ideology. Seeds of hateful ideas are ingrained in my head now thanks to them, resulting in a surge of paranoia. But my distancing myself from people around me will only flourish these ideas. I'm not denying that some violent things are really happening, even in London, even in Leyton (sooo close to where I'm living!!) and I do feel deeply saddened for those victimised by the assaults, be it physical or verbal or whatever. But if I let fear take control and feed my suspicion of whether that person walking next to me is going to abruptly turn to me & spit in my face & push me face first into the ground, I'm giving those extremists & terrorists exactly what they want.

And I do not want them to have their wish granted.

There's no harm in being extra cautious but Islam teaches me to make peace with everyone, regardless of race, religion, skin colour, whatever differences. Islam teaches me to be kind, warm, gentle and compassionate. Islam denounces terrorism, as do other religions I'm sure.

May the lost, perished souls be among those He protects. May the bereaved gain adequate strength to smile again, having lost their beloved ones. May a silver lining manifest itself amidst these grey clouds. Amin :)

No more being paranoid. Time to change

into my pyjamas. Take care, yeoreobun!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Top Secret

I think it's about time I reveal something about myself that many may not know, unless you've been with me long enough for me to trust you with this information.


I have a problem.

That's not really a shocking revelation to most of you because I have many kinds of problems : lack of social graces, reduced ability to stay awake in lectures, little to zero self discipline to refrain from watching 10 episodes of a kdrama in one go, to name a few. But there's another problem.

There's a condition that apparently runs in my family.

I'm not sure if it's down to genetics or if it's because we've been exposed to the same predisposing factors that cause the condition to manifest itself among us. Maybe it's an interplay of both factors. Maybe not. Who knows.

We have something called The Vegetable Allergy.

No, really!! You think I'm joking, but whenever we eat veges there's a sensation of choking and emesis and nak mati kind of feeling. It's pretty serious. This is no laughing matter, if you did laugh then I am honestly offended, take back that laugh.

Okay gurau.

And I also gurau about the hereditary part. But it does run in the family though. Most of my uncles don't eat vege, my siblings and I all are highly vege-intolerant. Okay well maybe I am miiiiildly tolerant, but my threshold for vege is quite low. I eat tauge (because tauge is a hypocritical camouflaging little piece of flora that tries to fit in with mi goreng by looking exactly the same) and daun sup (because it's impossible to asingkan daun sup from the sup), that's pretty much it. My default closure line after ordering food is, "Taknak sayur eh," wherever applicable.

But recently I decided to give this vege venture a try. I've lived the past 21 years of my life just fine & unscathed without vege, why bother now right?! I have my reasons so hear me out on this. First, because, let's be real, it's about time I start incorporating a healthy, balanced diet into my eating habits. Especially here in the UK because I do zero exercise. Especially now that I have done year 2's module of Cardiorespiratory in uni and learnt about the myriads of things that can go wrong once cholesterol deposits around the vessel walls and how NOT EASY it is to rectify that. My body is an amanah that Allah has bestowed upon me. With all the countless blessings that He's showered me with, it's only sensible that I at least try to take care of my body in ways that I can. Geuraesseo, this is one way. Besides, anything that you do for the sake of Allah counts as ibadah, so pahala for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco! Second, because to lift up some (if not all) of the dense guilt cloud hovering me whenever I'm about to gobble up other sinfully sweet, unhealthy food (looking at you, £1 Sainsbury's chocolate chip muffins). Third, because if I get pregnant and have children in the future, I want them to eat veges so that they don't have to tread the difficult anti-vege path (with the peril of constant "Eee asal kau tak makan sayur" taunts by the Vege Gang) that their mother had to experience before. What kind of a mother would I be if I were to ask my children to do something that I don't even do, kan? So this is a benefit in the long run. 30-year-old Sheera would be so proud & glad that 21-year-old Sheera made the right decision, hewhew.

But so far I've only managed to get carrots, tomatoes, and a bit of coleslaw into my system. The other day I made nasi ayam for my housemates and I bought cabbage instead of salad..... My housemates had a good time teasing me about it. In my defense, those two definitely look alike.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Unicef Charity Match

was awesome pawesome! Unbelievable. It's a charity match for children, organised by Unicef, and some world class football figures came together to Old Trafford Stadium in aid of the cause. Alex Ferguson was there as well! It was Great Britain & Ireland against Rest Of The World. (Is it just me or does that sound like it came out from a song lyrics?! Like, you & me against the world. Macam cinta terhalang je haha)

Frankly speaking I am not an avid football fan, not even a football fan might I add, but I'm so glad Zira & the gang made me join them to watch the charity match for children. The reason I decided to just go anyway was some people dear to me (my brother, Amie, and Almira) are MU fans so I thought I'd just be in Old Trafford Stadium while thinking "I'm doing this for you guys!". How thoughtful of me hewhew.

The weather forecast told me that it'd rain the whole day so I was doubtful if I was going to enjoy my day in Manchester. Rain the whole day it did (welcome to the UK huhu). My umbrella, on the other hand, refused to serve its purpose -.- Thank God for my jacket's hood.

It was exhilarating to be in the full house stadium. And to be able to see legendary football players playing on the same field!!!! That includes David Beckham, Michael Owen, Ryan Giggs, Van Der Sar (I accidentally wrote Van Der Waals on my Facebook post, people are still teasing me about it... Tak sengaja ok) (if you don't know what Van Der Waals is, it's a type of chemical bond between molecules) (who says reading my blog isn't beneficial?), Paul Scholes, 박 지 성, Alan Smith and Brooklyn Beckham(!!). It's a shame that some players (Zinedine Zidane & Patrick Vieira) withdrew following the atrocity happening across Paris :( I only learnt the players names during the match itself, and these are the only ones I manage to remember haha. The game was splendid!! I didn't think I'd be able to enjoy & appreciate the beauty of football but I surprised myself! I thoroughly enjoyed it that I forgot to take Zorro out of my handbag, it stayed tucked in there throughout the entire game.

50% of the time I kept asking my friend, Amir, "Weh weh weh apa jadi ni, asal tetiba??" and he'd explain to me the basics of football. Guys, I think I know what offside means now. I think. But oh what the hell, I don't sebenarnya, hahaha. But offside is really annoying!! >:( When David Beckham was substituted, everyone gave a round of thunderous clap and standing ovation. When his son, Brooklyn Beckham, was announced to replace him, the crowd basically went loco. Beckham replaced Beckham, number 7 replaced number 7. Emotional moment! Every time Brooklyn got the ball, everyone was hysterical in ooohs and aaahs, every single time!!! Lucky kid got to play with world class players at that age. Not long after, David Beckham got back on the pitch again!! Hahahah. Lagi lah gila semua orang dibuatnya, especially when the two Beckhams just passed the ball to each other. Main dua beranak je macam family dia punya game pulak haiyo so cute!! They're both wearing number 7 some more!

The game ended with GB & Ireland XI 3 - 1 Rest of The World XI. Rainy weather aside, it was such a good day! There's always a first for everything; this was my first live football match, hopefully not the last? :) Anyway here are some photos that I took after the game :

Friday, 13 November 2015

KDrama Review : She Was Pretty

10 minutes into the final episode and I was already in a pool of my own tears. Of joy, of sadness, everything really. She Was Pretty was wrapped nicely, not ideally - I'll come to that later - but it was as good as I can get from this drama.

First of all, before I go on to write about what I think about this drama, I would like to offer a sincere apology. Because I, Shahirah Hasbullah,

don't remember the names in korean dramas. I'm sorry but I just cannot hahaha. So for this drama, I will refer to the characters as the heroine, the hero, the second hero, and the heroine's best friend.

Secondly, this is just my own form of catharsis - a reflection, if you will - after watching this drama. I am like a bag laden with emotions, so I feel the need to write things that I feel strongly about because writing casts that therapeutic effect on me. I do this sort of analysis every time I finish a kdrama, guys, and my analysis partner is Amie because I only watch kdramas upon her recommendation. Our whatsapp conversation gets pretty intense whenever we're in the middle of our kdrama analysis. Other than the frequent AAAAAAAH and heart eyes emoji, what I'm about to write is not far different from our whatsapp conversation.

What I like the most about this drama is how none of the characters are antagonists. Sure, the heroine's best friend lied about who she was to the hero and then fell in love with him. But this just goes to show that not one person out there is inherently bad. But sometimes people are driven to do bad things out of desperation, because people are humans through and through, sometimes our rationale goes down the drain and greed overpowers us. It's understandable that the heroine's best friend cannot help but to fall in love with the hero because who wouldn't? I personally empathise how she felt guilty during every date they had but she kept brushing it off, trying to justify her lies with the fact that she was, finally, falling in love for the first time. Was it her fault that she started developing romantic feelings for the hero? She wasn't even planning to fall in love in the first place, heck, she even knew that he's the heroine's first love! But that's the thing about love, it hits you when you least expect it, with the person you'd probably never think of. The heroine's best friend has a big heart, and she was deceiving about her true identity out of sheer desperation for love, and she's not a bad person. She's just human.

The heroine knows this, and fully comprehends this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the friendship that the heroine & her best friend have. Those two girls love each other more than anything, always taking care of each other, even calling each other 'Wifey'. This is the kind of empowering friendship that I don't always see in dramas, or movies for that matter. Friendship level : taking off your best friend's make up when she's too sleepy to do so. Friendship level : telling your best friend straight up that maybe it's her attitude that's the problem, which brings me to my next point

There was a part where the heroine was complaining about the terms that they use in the fashion industry, she thought it was showing off. So her best friend took her by surprise by saying, "That attitude of saying fashion and beauty isn't important and looking down by saying it's all just a show off, isn't that just you?". I was screaming "SPOT ON!!!" (dalam hati) when the best friend said that line. Some people look down on others who put on make up and spend a bit more to buy nice clothes and to dress appropriately + decently. My question to those people who look down : wae? Look, there are some people out there who were born with incredible physical & facial features, some might not even have anything like acne, scars, blemishes, cellulite, etc. written on their fate. And then there are some people who weren't born quite as lucky, and those people try to achieve beauty by purchasing products. What is wrong in that? Isn't it in our nature as humans to get more drawn to things that are visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing? One can argue that there's more depth to beauty than just the exterior, but the exterior is a good place to start at, 아니야?

The heroine didn't take it quite easily at first, she was taken aback that her best friend was not on her side. But she realised her best friend was, ugh, right. The heroine did not ask to work at MOST, she somehow just ended up there by a twist of events. So she was not there by choice, fine, it wasn't the circumstance that she was asking for, okay. It probably never crossed her mind that she would ever work in a field even remotely related to the fashion industry. What an unfortunate circumstance, no? But complaining about her circumstance wasn't going to get her anywhere, what matters is what she makes out of the circumstance. Thanks to the best friend for giving her this (much needed) wake up jingle, because afterwards, the heroine started putting effort into understanding the industry she's working in. She left her comfort zone, and pulled herself together in order to deliver a better performance at work. This carries an uplifting message for me. Also, a reminder that 'Welcome to adulthood and working life, where you can't just throw tantrums and say No whenever you hate something', a life stage that I have yet to enter but will soon :S

Now let's move on to the second hero. Oh. My. Gad! Where do I begin... I love him!! Funny and cute and adorable and handsome and kind and playful and caring and cheeky, apa lagi perempuan nak?! The actor who plays this character, what's his name, Siwon? Allow me to just say that he is BRILLIANT!! His acting comes off very natural, I felt like that's his real personality. Honestly, imagine how fun life would be to have someone like him around to ensure you get the daily dosage of annoyingness? I cannot get enough of his antics!! Every time his scene comes on screen I prepare myself because I know very well that it's my cue to say "Aaaah babo!" because he WILL do something stupid (& funny). My favourite is when he suddenly screams in his voice recording to surprise the heroine. Hahhahaha. Lawak gila ya Allah even I got surprised. And when he said he wanted to sing but then it turned out to be a joke as well hahaha aduh, mcm mana tak jatuh cinta dgn dia ni... But most importantly, he fell in love with the heroine first. Before the make up, before the whole style makeover. He fell in love with the heroine with her freckles and rosacea and clumsiness and, ahem, having seen her drunk behaviour. During the last episode, I cried so much mainly because I was upset that the second hero did not get a happy ending. I speculated that he'd end up with the heroine's best friend, but that would've been a cliche. So corny. But this is why I think this drama has a nice ending, but not ideal. Ideally I would want the second hero to find someone new to teach him love like he never knew before, someone to erase the pain of his unrequited love for the heroine. That would be an ideal, happy ending for him. But he didn't get that, at least not yet lah I think. That's realistic, I suppose.

And then there's the hero :) His character was cold at first. I hated him. Especially when he lost his temper in the scene where the heroine forgot to take her shoes off in the studio. I mean, hello, obviously she's new there so she doesn't know the selok belok of the studio so can't you at least be a little considerate, hero?! Haish. But it was heartwarming to see him slowly letting his guards down around the heroine, to see that beneath his cold demeanour he's still the same person that the heroine knew from her childhood. And he fell in love with the heroine before he figured out that she was actually his old friend. He fell in love with her because given whatever scenarios, he would always gravitate towards her. Now isn't that true love? He even delayed their wedding for one year to let the heroine pursue her childhood dream, because as much as he knows the heroine loves him, he also knows that he shouldn't let love stand in her way to go to greater lengths and achieve greater things. As a partner, he's well aware of his role to encourage the heroine instead of hindering her way to success - some takeaway lessons for guys out there. Anddddddd I think the highlight of his character is that, he made no remarks at all about the heroin being with make up or without make up, frizzy hair or straightened hair. Zilch. Not a single one. He was in love with her. He's not in love with a no-makeup heroin. He doesn't go around saying "Oh this is not who you are, this isn't the real you" when the heroin has make up on. He's just head over heels in love, infatuated, and completely besotted with the heroin. It's as simple as that. And I am head over heels in love, infatuated, and completely besotted with the hero.

I notice that Korean dramas (the ones that I've watched, at least, and I've only watched like what, 7?) have scanty intimate scenes, even when they do, it's not even that intimate? Not as intimate as you'd see in Hollywood movies that's for sure. 근데 even with the privation of on-screen intimacy, I am still convinced that the hero and heroine are in love with one another. It's probably down to their having acted together in Kill Me Heal Me before this thus the familiarity + chemistry, nonetheless I like the idea that love doesn't necessarily mean physical. The OST of this drama is not the best I've come across, but that Kkung Kkung song has such a catchy rhythm, I always sing along to it! I got around to searching the song on YouTube, apparently it's sang by a YouTuber.... Not even a very famous YouTuber, mind you. God, I admire how Koreans scour these underground, underrated, unknown talents.

My only complaints about this drama are....

How did the heroine find the time (and money) to buy all the new clothes!! I mean, it seemed like her closet was totally revamped! Hahaha. I also wish the drama explored the heroine's best friend's family issue in a little more depth, it's admittedly darker and would have skewed the light and quirky and fun concept of the drama but then, why have it in the first place? The scene where the heroine's best friend went swimming and sank to the bottom of the pool engulfed in her own despair, that's an outstanding show of emotions. I wish I could see the heroine's best friend talking to the heroine about her family problems and having the heroine console her best friend in a warm embrace, maybe? And I felt like it's a bit biadab (what's biadab in English??) that the hero just left the heroine's best friend when he realised that she's not his childhood friend... Manners. I wouldn't mind seeing a teeny bit more crisis and tension though (as if I haven't cried so much already.... Me and my big fat mouth asking for stupid things haih). This drama has 16 episodes, but to be honest I felt like the momentum dropped a little towards the end of it. At the beginning, it kept me going because of the love rectangle (one likes the other, who likes that person, who likes the first one) and the secrecy of the heroin's true identity & the heroine's best friend's feigned persona. It was intriguing to watch how the plot the builds up and the way each character gets tangled into another character's life. But by the time I got to the last 2-3 episodes, I felt like there was nothing else to look forward to, because it was a definite positive that the hero & heroine would end up with their own happily ever after. Other than the second lead's hilarity, nothing kept me pumping but I think this drama aims to deliver light, feel-good vibes to the audience and it achieved exactly that. All in all, I enjoyed this drama, I'd give it 7 out of 10. It's light and cute and comical and makes me feel all fluffy inside :) Going against my own principle (that is, to only watch kdramas yg dah habis!) was well worth it. I owe it to the many people who couldn't stop persuading me to watch this drama! If you're inclined to stories of two people falling in love with each other and just pure, innocent love, I cannot recommend this drama enough. it deserves to be loved and shared by many.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Trouble Magnet

You know people always go on about 'you never know how much something means to you until you lose it', or something along that line.

I was on a bus on my way back from my clinical skills class in Barbican. It was Friday evening, the bus was crawling in the London traffic, I was done for the week, my mind was busy planning my Friday night activities - watch the latest She Was Pretty episode, the latest Running Man episode, facetime Keyla if she's not busy, cook mi bandung. So exciting!!

But I got engrossed in my whatsapp conversation with my best friends, when I lifted my head I realised the bus was merely few seconds away from my stop. I panicked, and being the klutz that I am, I fumbled with my stuff before standing up & hurrying down to the lower deck so that I could get off..., leaving behind my oyster card which was just there, on my lap. On. My. Lap. It must have fallen when I got up but I was too busy clumsy to even hear the faint thud as it met the floor tsk tsk. Since then I never saw my oyster card anymore.

So that, kids, was how my oyster card and I parted ways. Sad, right? Losing my Student oyster photocard is just another addition to the events of misfortune that befall me. Such is life for a trouble magnet like me -_- If you're not a student in London then you probably have no idea how significant the oyster card is. My life in London basically depends on it.

I checked the journey history of my oyster card online and apparently someone took it and used it. Ugh >:( To the person who took my oyster card, if you have no intentions of returning it to me, I hope you're wearing something white, because I wish for your coffee to spill on you and leave a permanent stain #bitter

Monday, 9 November 2015

Clean Slate

Annyeonghaseyo, yeoreobun! How did you get here??

Anyway, I'm Sheera :) I write when I have the time. I take photos too. I have a camera, his name is Zorro. I had a different camera before, Zarra, but that's a story for another day. I had blog(s) before, but for some reasons (excuses), my writing came to a halt. Many times I tried writing again, sat down in front of my laptop ready to just articulate the thoughts congested in my head into proper words but it never happened. But I'm back in the blogging arena again, so hopefully I can be more istiqamah this time around haha.

Nice to meet you.