Monday, 1 January 2018

Tropical Winter Break (cont.)


Love of my life!!!! And Amie hahaha

Spent almost the whole day with Amie before she got preoccupied with a friend's wedding prep


At this point I was exhausted and already 5 months pregnant with food-foetus but the boys made me go out for supper with them.... 

Played UNO. I won the first game!!!!!

The only male friends that I met up with throughout my winter break haha

I Couldn't even finish the second game because I had a curfew to beat to haha


Finally got to see my cousin's daughter, this darling Sofiyyah!

She's not exactly photogenic (even my cousin said so! Haha) but I swear she's adorable beyond words in real life. Me? Oh I've never been photogenic! 

Excuse my eyebags. I just got up from an afternoon nap (and the eyebags are telltale signs of how intense the nap was)

Weird photo but wtv hahaha

Sofiyyah taking one of her many, many naps while holding on to the bunny blanket that I gifted her hehe

Sofiyyah in the car on the way to....

Kyochon!! Again ahahah

I look like a bibik...

L-R : lil sis, Maye my fav cousin, me with Sofiyyah in my lap

At the airport frantically making sure that I got the right date and time for my flight back to London. At this point there were just Mama and my siblings accompanying me at the airport

And then Acik Jai & his family came as well!!!!!! "Budak-budak tu dok sibuk tanya mana Kakak Sheera, tu yg acik dtg tu" oh my heaaaarttttt

ALMIRA CAME TOO!!!!!! *cries*

Almira filmed my reaction upon seeing her face

Tia wouldn't leave my side

Aiyo this gedik girl

Fahim was exclamining "Toooo infinityyyy and beyond!" as I took this photo


Gotta teach the girl early

Facetimed Amie while she was busy at the wedding

Slight delay called for a selfie cewah

Lowkey worried the aircraft wouldn't be able to fly because my overweight heart. :( Kakak Sheera will miss you soooo much, Faiqah sayang

Deliberately opted for a longggg transit at Doha just so I could see these boys!

And that concludes the whirlwind that was my winter break in Malaysia.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Tropical Winter Break

  • Why is Malaysia so hot?

  • The thing about coming home for a short break is that I have to max out a year's worth of socialising quota in that very short period of time. For an introvert whose energy drains faster than an iPhone's battery, I consider this far from ideal. For the past 2 weeks I've had to turn a deaf ear to my body's desperate cries for downtimes because I simply can't afford to allocate the time to recharge my social battery, not when I have a limited time in Malaysia and every second has to be utilised to see this person and that person.

  • Some days I woke up groaning about having to get ready and look presentable to meet with the people I've promised to meet because the excitement at the time of promise making had long gone lol. That, my friend, is commitment ok.

  • Why unpack when I can just live off of my luggage, right??

  • No seriously why is Malaysia so hot?! I still haven't fully adjusted to Malaysia's heat. My armpits still go full on Niagara Falls every time I step outdoor haha. Oh well, I know for a fact that I will miss the heat once I'm back in the cold and harsh shackles of winter in London so, ketiak basah pun basah lah.

  • In a way I feel like I've lost my independence every time I go back to Malaysia, in the sense that I can't go anywhere or do anything alone. I either need someone to drive me around, or ask for permission to use the car every single time. And I can't do anything before I obtain the parental all clear, and I'm required to always report my whereabouts. It's good practice, don't get me wrong, I'd do the same if I were a parent myself. It's just that... It's a bit mafan sometimes. I never have to report anything to anyone in London, I can decide to go somewhere/do something like 5 mins before execution if I want to.

  • When will Malaysia step up its public transport game?! Ironic that I need a mode of transport to get to the nearest public transport..... Sigh.

  • My acne is happily burgeoning from all the unhealthy food indulgence. Add my hormonal acne on top of that, and voila, a supreme premium special edition breakout coming through! Thank God for BB cream and concealer!

  • Don't even get me started on my weight... Ugh. But whatever, diet starts when I'm back in London! Pomish. Hahha for now, let the good times (and belly flab) roll.

Took the little sister + little cousins out for late lunch

I now know why everyone's photos on instagram look so film-y and got light leaks & dates at the bottom right corner hahaha. It's this app called Gudak that functions just like a film camera, where you can take 24 photos per film roll and after you're done with a roll, you need to wait for 3 days for the app to process the photos. But my cousins cheated by changing the date and time on Settings so we got our photos like 5 mins afterwards so can AirDrop the photos right away hahaha.

With Sarah


Felt weird that I was in the backseat of the car instead of the driver's seat... Sigh my little cousins grow up so fast it's ridiculous! Weren't they 11 like yesterday???

Ok this is an unacceptable angle of me...

Later in the same day we went for an al fresco shellout-ish dinner, Mama & lil brother joined too

Looks gory and gruesome but trust me it was SCRUMPTIOUS! Yummy in my tummy

Lil sister wanted to watch Star Wars 

Didn't think I'd enjoy Star Wars but I surprisingly did, despite having to ask my lil sister "Kylo Ren ni siapa?!" at least 6 times hahah

Remember my best friend Fat?? She happened to have some free time on her hands so I asked her to join us for the movie!

Me & Fat & our adik-adik

Took the little sister for a movie + met up with Fat at the same time. Efficiency.

My first ever best friend in life. She's probably reading this post right now. Hi Fat! Hehe

Matchy matchy! Coincidence? I think not!


It's a Atika-Sheera thing to caption our photos "GGMU" whenever we reunite even though we're no MU fans haha

And uhhh... Emil decided to thirdwheel. Ok fine, I was the thirdwheeler

She looks she's holding up the moon

Carrying out my thirdwheeling duties with one of my favourite couples

We went to this Arts and Lights thingy at Icon City, PJ. To be honest I think the name 'Arts and Lights' is a misnomer because what we saw weren't exactly what I'd call arts, they're more like Instagrammable installations/set ups?? Massive crowd, long queues, cramped space, but I didn't have to pay a penny for it so all is fine

Mama made paru goreng berlada for me!!!!! *tears of joy*



We had lunch at this place next to Sappy's office building

Back in MRSM, she always had to pinch me in the classroom to wake me up before the teachers could scold me. Now she's all grown up and working and earning money and doing important adult things and I'm still sleeping in lectures (sometimes mid bedside teaching too). Haha.

Sent her off to work after lunch. Sigh my baby girl all grown up :')

Coerced the little sister to lend her face as my canvas hahah. ALSO HOW COME HER LASHES ARE SO GENEROUSLY VOLUMINOUS AND LONG?! anak angkat ni

THESE TWO!!!!! *heart eyes emoji*

Bought lotssssa hair pins and hair bands for Tia & Faiqah

I think they like em 

No wait I think they love em hehe

Late night ice cream run with the lil sister

Lunch with my soulmate Chaza!!

Ate a lot, laughed even more. Sigh I forgot how much I love Shaza's company!!

We went to Paris for Winter 2015. This year we went to One Utama hahaha

With the ever lovely, ever bubbly Zira

Syikin even brought out her laptop while waiting for our order to come.... Workaholic nyewww

Not sure if my kampung is actually in Pontian, or JPO. Haha

Made a furry friend at a random restaurant hehe so manja!




My family wanted to eat durian so we drove up the winding road to this durian place

Went to Mina's sister's reception.... but got confused if Mina was the bride instead

Because my girl looked OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Isn't she gorgeous?!?!

Spent hoursssssss at KLIA waiting for my relatives to return from umrah. At the other side of the camera were screaming kids, crying babies, and exasperated adults trying so hard to keep sane haha

The waiting game was pure torture but yayyyy Nenek is back back back! Check out that green hijab, green dress, and green shoes coordination!!! Gone are the days of her Wardrobe Mismatch Syndrome haha

Baru sampai and Atuk was already asking me to take him out for ngeteh! Hahaha

Love this photo!!

You probably can't see it but Almira wore a dark blue blouse so basically we were all in bluesssss!

Almira isn't the kind of person who displays her affection for me verbally, this is her kopek-ing the chicken wings for me into smaller chunks so I can eat them with a fork, because I was too lazy to get my hands dirty hehehe I felt lovedddd

Oooh before I forget, a belated Merry Christmas to those celebrating!!! :) Hope you had tonnes of fun with your loved ones.