Saturday, 23 September 2017


Love this photo!!!

Hana pointing at something in excitement and Izzy couldn't be arsed to look at it hahaha

LOVE THISSSS because of the bird, hehe

It's high time I stop trying to cover my chubby cheeks with my hands...... Because it's obviously not working..........

But I look (and feel) awkward not doing anything with my hands????


Enrolment & Blossoming Friendship

A follow up from this post, in case you're wondering where I ended up enrolling....

Me mere moments before I disappeared into the land of magic

Of course I enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and not medschool. Pfsh, it was so obviously the better option.

Hehe. I'm just joking. I had to pull myself together and complete the online re-enrolment process to medschool. Boohoo.

That photo? Oh that photo I took it when I got off at King's Cross St Pancras tube station to help Izzy settle into her new home in London.

Omg do you remember Izzy???

I wrote about meeting her for the first time, through Facetime, but I never properly divulged about how we came to know each other. It's a bit weird to be honest, and I find myself chuckling a little whenever someone comes along and the question "How do you guys know each other?" arises. I think I was randomly exploring other parts of the internet one day when I stumbled upon her blog, and then immediately added her to my blog following list.

Strange as it is, we later found each other on other platforms of social media and learned that we have mutual friends. I wrote about her, and she me, sometimes she'd leave comments on my blog posts and I hers. That's pretty much all there was to our 'friendship'. We've never actually met in real life

until 11th September 2017!

We finally met in real life for the first time!!!! :D

Chilling at Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park

Me, Izzy, and her friend Farah, in Izzy's room! This photo doesn't do justice to how bright her room is! I LOVE IT!

Had to keep apologising to Izzy for London's windy behaviour. Uhh London, you're not making a great first impression here!!

The internet is a wonderful place but I've always been skeptical and wary about strangers on the internet. 9 times out of 10 my instincts would tell me to shun the people who approach me (and force themselves on me) in the virtual world, but I'm glad that with Izzy, it struck that 1 time charm right away. 

And now here we are.

From Blogspot to real life. Wow, funny (and amazing) where life takes us, right? Cheers to this blossoming friendship! :)

Also, just thought I'd give a shout to the lady who made my dashing-through-the-wind-into-the-wall-of-Platform-9-3/4 photo possible :

She was extra keen because she's a Hufflepuff too!

(It was around 9 a.m. when we got off at King's Cross station that day. Believe it or not we only had to wait for a few minutes in the line before it was our turn to take photos so yeah the queue was basically non existent, is what I'm trying to say! So a tip to those who want a photo at this platform, come early!)