Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Izzy's Birthday

The plan was to sneak into Izzy's room when she's out celebrating with her friends & flatmates, so Hana left the keys to their flat at a secret location in order for me to gain access into their flat while they're out. 

But I, of course, pulled a classic Shahirah by jinxing it - while trying to retrieve the keys, they somehow slipped into what felt like a deep, bottomless hole that happened to be right next to the secret location. A series of cursing ensued.


If it were just me alone I'd have stared at it and cried and gone home, with all the balloons and helium canister and party garlands and cupcakes and candles and all, and just called it quits. Because it seemed impossible to pick the keys up now, and I didn't want to commit myself to doing something the success rate of which was unknown, if not nil. That's like signing up for failure, haha.

But thank God for Emma. While I panicked and blurted out profanities, she turned into my voice of reason and told me not to give up. We tried to make use of anything around us to fish the keys out. Sticks. Wires. Anything. But to no avail. My short arms were no match for the depth of the hole. Emma dipped her forearm, even that wasn't enough. So she pulled her sleeve allllll the way up to the shoulder and almost the entire length of her arm went into the hole, before she exclaimed in joy and voila, the keys were now in her palm. That girl is truly Godsent.

Made our way in. Adorned Izzy's room. Lit the candles. Waited for Izzy & Hana to come home. When they finally did, we shouted the obligatory "Surprise!" before proceeding with the birthday song. 

Emma in her new jacket (bau kedai! Haha), Izzy looking 22 and glowy, and me looking like I dislocated my left shoulder & wrist. Told you I don't know what to do with my hands when being photographed

See this is what happens when I don't do my signature hand on cheek pose.... I look disabled

The next day I cooked mee kungfu and made banoffee pie, Izzy & Hana came over to chill at our place. It was a warm & sunny Sunday afternoon, spent slurping mee kungfu and devouring banoffee pie and letting Izzy wrap a shawl around our heads in various styles and having my hair French braided by Izzy's magic hands and hearing Hana laugh at some videos on the internet.

'twas a good weekend. Happy birthday again, Izzy!! :D

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Ulfah-less, Emma-ful

London without Ulfah is like English food - bland, insipid, and boring. There's an Ulfah-shaped void in my heart and I'm so close to diagnosing myself with a mental illness because I've been talking to myself (I've always had a habit of talking to myself, but without Ulfah to keep this habit within the limits of human normalcy, it's been acutely deteriorating). 

 Oh the paradoxical situation of me telling myself to stop talking to myself.

God must have heard me wailing and begging for some company, because you guuuuuys! Look who He sent over to do her Masters here in London!!!!

Side note : I'm a hugger, I love hugging

You guys do remember Emma right??? From KHouse???

Emma's been here for a little over 2 weeks now but I hadn't been able to spend quality time with her because I was on a hospital placement outside London, until last Friday. In an effort to make up for the days she spent alone and in conjunction with the end of my placement, I spent the whole day exploring the city and attending to her requests & whims. By the end of the day Emma had a tummy full of waffle & chicken from Stax Diner, a cute jacket from Monki, and a bunch of photos taken by yours faithfully.

We went to this art installation called Zhongguo 2185 in Carnaby area

Wish I understand Chinese! Back in KY I took Mandarin lessons (courtesy of the Chinese Cultural Club) but only lasted for a month or so. Either Mandarin's too hard, or I'm just too stupid for the language haha. I remember a few phrases though, like Hi, Happy New Year, My name is Shahirah, and they come in handy whenever I want to exchange pleasantries with random Chinese people haha

If you went to Carnaby but didn't stop by Kingly Court did you even go to Carnaby

If you went to Kingly Court but didn't take a photo of it did you even go to Kingly Court

This place is 1000 times more gorgeous at night!

Emma sipping her milkshake at Stax Diner

At Monki. I normally deplore Emma's shopping habits because she has a strong propensity for impulse purchases! But this jacket had my stamp of approval because it's cute and it was on sale! From £79 to £20!!!! Absolute steal!!

Cute deco at Monki

Hunted down the shop where Kingsman was filmed!

Me? A tremendous amount of laughter and lessons. I had lessons, ok. I've learnt that although a) no one can possibly fill in the void that Ulfah left, b) there's always room for my heart to expand. Above everything, c) He never abandons me. Thanks for always having my back, God <3